You will need
  • carrier of the respective volume;
  • - the software Niksaver, Drivers Genius Pro or MyDrivers Backup
Decide on the amount of media data that will be used as the backing store. If the amount of data the computer is small, then storage will fit flashcards or drive. If the data size is large, use another hard drive or purchase a removable disk larger.
Save driver installed on the system. They are in the Windows folder of the system drive, in folders Inf, System expansion .drv .vxd .dll) to the System32 folder (Drivers, files .and sys .dls), Help (for help files). There is an app Driver Genius Pro that automatically coscinium data about the system and installed the drivers, and then helps to copy them to removable media. Alternative and more simple program is MyDrivers Backup.
Use the program to save the data. Very suitable for this Niksaver, which will copy data all installed in the system software. On the left side of the program window, select the required to save the settings. Copied font folder, Internet settings, bookmarks, browsers, cookies, registration data system.
To save all the data from Skype there is a Skype Backup Tool, which will help to keep program profiles. By default, all settings for Skype are in the subfolder Application Data of the user folder (C:Documents and Settings). Just copy the folder Skype to the media.
If you have installed the game, then you can save your achievements. The majority of the games use separate save files, which can be located either in the directory of the game, or in the folder "My documents". Are the files saved in subfolders Save and Saved the main Data folder. If you want to copy files players, they are in the Player folder of the corresponding folder.