You will need
  • The software Everest Ultimate Edition.
To test the CPU, memory and operating system of your computer, you need to navigate to the desktop, on the desktop find the icon "My computer". Click on this icon with the right mouse button, from context menu select "Properties". In the opened window you will see all the data.
To view all of the installed components, go to the Hardware tab and click device Manager. In the opened window you can see all installed components. The presence of a question mark next to a component indicates that the installation or the drivers for your specific device.
To find out more detailed information about the internals of your computer, need to install special programs. Among these programs, you can select a few popular products: Everest, SiSoftware Sandra, AIDA 64. In this article we will review the program Everest, which displays full information about the internals of your computer.
To see complete information about installed devices, you can start the program. When you start the program automatically scans the computer as a whole. It scans not only the system unit, but all devices having connection with the system unit. It is sufficient to choose a specific section, for example, the motherboard or the memory, to see all features of this component. Also, this program allows you to save scan data in a text or html file.