You will need
  • PC power supply
In order to increase the capacity of unit power, you need to open it.
Next you need to estimate the size of the transformer. If they make "is 3ґ3ґ3 cell" cm and above, then you can begin to finalize.
First, replace the high voltage capacitors. It is advisable to put no less than 470мкфх200В. Chokes are placed only in the low-voltage part of the unit power supply. They are made in several ways.
You can try to wind on a ferrite ring wire with varnish insulation. Some people remove the chokes from old blocks of power.
Smoothing capacitors raspalaut in the empty space in the low-voltage side. Stop and three capacitors 2200мкфх16В.
Need to replace the diode Assembly. It is advisable to put 2 or 3 builds MOSPEC S30D40, or something similar. All this is bought in stores.
In block power there are channels such as +5V and +12V. Inflated the voltage of the second channel(+12) harmful to your computer. To reduce this figure should be in the yellow breaks actuators to solder quite a powerful diode. The voltage is reduced by 0.6 In that It will protect your computer.
The result of this work it turns out it is a normal unit power. It will work perfectly for many years. With a powerful new bloc of power you will get high performance results.