There is increased sensitivity due to damage tooth enamel or extensions of the nerve tubules of the tooth, whereby the nerves are beginning to feel more keenly stimuli. So, first of all, identify and eliminate the causes of tooth decay. This can be the wrong toothbrush or inappropriate you toothpaste that Deplete the enamel or causing a wedge-shaped defect teeth, the habit of teeth grinding, the use of unnecessarily large quantities of carbonated beverages, coffee or tea. Sometimes hypersensitivity of the teeth occurs after medical procedures - Tartar removal or teeth whitening.
The main treatment for sensitive teeth made in dental clinics. The meaning of the treatment is to close the microscopic tubules leading to the nerves. This applies to a special lacquer, electrophoresis or remineralizing agents. All of these methods, the overall effect - they close salts of fluorine and calcium tubules that lead to tooth nerves and thus reduce their sensitivity. In addition, procedures such as polishing and remineralization restores the strength of tooth enamel and strengthen teeth.
To reduce the sensitivity of your teeth at home. For this purpose, special rinses and toothpastes, containing a large number of salts of fluoride, calcium and potassium. To avoid forgery to acquire such means better in pharmacy.
Besides in house conditions it is possible to use special medicated strips for teeth, for example, diplen. Strip applied to teeth and left for a short time, then removed.
In any case, even if improvement occurred, you need to always see a dentist because of the increase in tooth sensitivity can be a symptom of some other diseases of the teeth, to diagnose that at home is simply impossible.