You will need
  • Computer, CPU-Z, Internet access, screwdriver.
To know the model of RAM you can use additional software or directly looking at the module memory. If you have a warranty certificate for all the parts separately, look for the RAM. There should be all information about RAM.
You can also retrieve a memory module from a port and look at it. Disconnect the computer from the mains and open the cover of the system unit. Find the connection ports RAM. Pull the latches on both sides of the slot down, and then remove the memory module from the port. It should be a sticker with model information.
If the label on the memory module was not or you do not want to open the system cover, can use a special utility. Download the utility CPU-Z. It is free and takes only a few megabytes. Install the tool on computer and run it. After starting, wait a few seconds until the program will collect information about the system. Next appears the main menu, where the main components are located on the top panel.
Select the component SPD. Then in the upper left corner of the program, look Memory slot selection. From the bottom of the label is arrow. Click on it and select the slot number of the connection memory. Once you select the slot connection in the program window will be information about the model of RAM that is connected to this slot (speed, type, manufacturer and other parameters). This way you can display separately information about all memory modules that are installed on your motherboard. If you select a slot in which the module memory, the screen will simply be blank. In this way it is possible not only to determine the model of the RAM, and also check the number of occupied slots.