You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
In order to find out which chipset is installed in your graphics card, please search the specifications of your model on the Internet. Best of all this information to find on the official sites of the manufacturer. To know your model of video card you can through "device Manager", which is on the tab "Equipment" in the properties of the menu item "My computer".
Also, carefully read the documentation of the device. If you want to replace your graphics card, make sure you commit this action, because in some cases, the adapter may be built into the motherboard which does not allow the installation of additional devices. This is true mainly for portable computers.
In order to know the chipset of your motherboard, proceed similarly: find out the model name and read the description on the manufacturer's website or the documentation for the device find the information you need. Also note specifically the software that displays information about your computer and system, for example, a program Everest.
Just download it from official developer's website, install, run and wait until the system will collect data about your computer. Then select menu – software or hardware, and then view the bitmap data regarding the chipsetand each device (there may be available other information).
In order to know the chipset of the memory modules, review the information on the strap. To do this, turn off the computer, unplug it from the power source and open the cover of the system unit. Locate RAM open its attachment and carefully read the information on the Board.