There is no doubt that everything that happens in life affects our future. The success of today is to accept the past and live in the present. Not to forget, not to destroy, but to accept and move on. The load of past mistakes and disappointments sometimes presses on us almost physically. And that is why this weight need to comprehend and process.
Insomnia, irritability, confusion, anxiety - here is the list of consequences of digging up the negative past experience. These are symptoms, and they can try to remove using antidepressants or sedatives. But better yet, influence not only the consequence, but the cause itself.
To distract from the rumination of unpleasant thoughts - the first, and perhaps for many, the healing of advice. After all, we all tend to lock yourself in four walls in the difficult days to hide and nurture his grief. And it is fundamentally wrong! Remember that the body suffers as well as our feelings. Walks in the fresh air, meeting nice people, bringing to life something new, be it a book, record or dance lessons - all in a sparing mode will eventually become a priority for you and to be introspective will be just once.
Think of life as something simultaneously. Here and now - those two words should become your motto. Treat life with a childlike position: be surprised, look for a new one. Sunset over the river, the leaves under my feet, a butterfly flew into the window - how long had we have ceased to pay attention to such trifles!
In cases where the problems of the past put pressure unbearable, it makes sense to contact the experts. There are many ways of liberation from unpleasant thoughts. Psychotherapy is not in place today, many doctors are willing to help people suffering the consequences of digging up the past.
Body-oriented therapy, for example, is the perception of the body as the medium that literally remembers everything that happens to us. Shut in himself, we close inside your emotions, not letting them exit. As a result, we feel how the body becomes physically rigid. Therapeutic touch and various exercises will return to its former ease of body and soul and restore the balance.
Cognitive therapy allows you to recognize that the past is not our fault and many of the events we just can't control. In the end, the patient is aware of the reality of the incident, freed from the unjust burden of guilt.
A method of anger management / stress is also a helper in a difficult situation. Under the supervision of a physician, a person learns to cope with their emotions, to control them to relax and get away from disturbing thoughts. As a result, when the memories of us becomes so painful, we look at the situation differently and see not only the bad.
Of course, time is our best helper. Our healer and guardian. It will take a week, a month, a year - and it will become easier to breathe, easier to remember what first caused the pain, because we have experienced it, understood, and accepted. And this is the surest way to return to real life.