You will need
  • - 0.5 m of fabric;
  • - 0.5 m lining fabric;
  • - interlining;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - a sewing machine.
Build the pattern caps. To do this, remove the three measurements: circumference of head, length of head from forehead to nape and the width of the forehead.
The lower part of the wedge is the length equal to 1/6 of the circumference of the head. Measure the midpoint of the segment and slide perpendicular to a line length 1/2 the distance from forehead to occiput. Smoothly draw a line through three points, with the top angle will be 60 degrees.
For the pattern of the visor draw a segment of length equal to the width of the forehead. Draw two smooth lines, the resulting item should resemble a Crescent.
For the strap (okolica) draw a rectangle. Its length should be equal to the circumference of the head, and the width depends on your desire (but not less than two inches).
Lay the paper pattern on the wrong side of the fabric and draw a tailor's chalk or a remnant with a sharp edge. Leave a seam of 0.5-1 cm will have plenty of one part of okolica, the two parts of the visor and six wedges.
If you are going to sew the cap and tartan fabric, place the pattern so that the cage for the wedges coincide. Make some similar parts of the lining fabric and nonwoven fabric.
You can now start sewing. Stick with heated iron on the reverse side parts of the main fabric, the interlining that the product kept the form. Sew the wedges of the bottom on the sewing machine. Route the finishing line from the front side.
If you do not have the necessary skill, pre-baste the wedges together, and then sew them on a typewriter.
Next, stitch detail unlined caps. If you sew warm hat for cool days, details quilted lining with padding polyester.
To give the visor stiffness, use of non-woven insert corresponding in shape and size or thick cardboard. Prostrochite all the parts together, make the notch and turn on the front side. On the edge of the visor make decorative stitch.
Sew the crown to the visor, then it sew okolisan, whose length should be equal coverage of the head. The lining hem manually hidden seam.
On the inner side of okoliyska sew the "ears", small rectangles of fabric that can be hidden when the heat, and cover their ears in cool and inclement weather.
That's all, you can please your man new clothes.