Advice 1: 6 life principles of man, strong spirit

Strong people sometimes have a hard time. To withstand all of the game destiny and not to succumb to her provocations, you need to be strong in spirit. Guided by the key principles of how to stay on his feet, you can learn how to overcome adversity with firmness.
6 life principles of man, strong spirit

A strong man is manifested in the fortress of will and spiritual balance. Such power is not easy to keep to yourself, so every strong and intelligent man often follows simple rules:

1. Not to run from fear.

Everyone is afraid of something. When the moment of fear, it binds man and he is ready to literally run anywhere in order to see the cause of this fear. In order to defeat all your fears, try to understand yourself. Why this is happening. When you understand, you will understand – fear is something that you yourself came up with and got it into his head. They will not notice how your fears will disappear by themselves.

2. Live in the present.

For a happy life in the present and future it is very important that you as little as possible, and then not thought about the past. Forget all the bad, remove the weight from the shoulders and live for today. Come meet the new, and all that has passed, forget it as a nightmare.

3. To stop feeling sorry for yourself.

If we start feeling sorry for yourself, you get stuck at any certain moment. Starts the cycle which leads again to the same result. That we accumulate over a lifetime, leads to the loss of vitality, until the various diseases. And that it is necessary to struggle. Let go of everything bad and forgive people who have done something wrong.

4. Chase away bad thoughts.

Think only in positive way. You need to glow from within, that you turn only the face.

5. Make time for a hobby.

You must not do only what you need but what you want. Go to the movies, shopping, read books, ride horses, do yoga or fitness. Breathe deeply.

6. Help others in need.

No matter what you will do, as long as everything was from the heart. The more you help others, the easier it will be to live to you. By following these simple tips you can easily survive all of life's difficulties.

Advice 2: How to be strong in spirit

People with a strong spirit, can cope with all the challenges of life, no matter how difficult and dangerous they may be. A strong spirit carefully nurtured over the years, but spent all the effort is worth it to get such valuable and rare human quality.
To accept life and all its manifestations are the only person of strong spirit.
The first rule of the human spirit is strong – no escape from fear. The point isn't how to stop being afraid is impossible, because we're all human, we live and feel. The point is to not be afraid to look that fear right in the eye. Openly and honestly to direct their attention in the face of what you fear most in life. And then you overcome your fear, it evaporates and you become stronger in spirit, how would you expand from the inside.
For example, you are afraid of parting with a loved one. You are so afraid of it that keep on replaying the painful scene in my head, but get scared and start to cry. In this moment you run away from what scared. Try not to interrupt these paintings in tears and hysterics, and "depressivity" the whole scene of parting, and in great detail. First you have inflated tight the horror of what is happening, you will suffer greatly in this moment, but after you will feel that the horror is lost, and with it fear. You will no longer afraid of parting, in reality, because in your mind you've already lived it. And the power of your spirit will increase, you'll be ready for anything.
Feel sorry for yourself. At the moment of collision with the difficult situation you start feeling sorry for myself, to offend the fate of others, blaming them for what happened. But you only spend energy on a thankless job, which multiplies the negative energy. Don't feel sorry for yourself and direct all your power to resolve the problem.
Do not cling to the past, enjoy the present. Taking only now you are able to live no matter what. For example, if you visited a disease that hard to cure, not think about how you were better off without her. Accept adversity and learn to live and deal with it. This requires fortitude, but it is brought up is because you decide to live in the present. It's such a interdependent circle whose center is you and your decisions.
Collect good moments of life, positive memories and impressions. This is something that will save you in any difficult situations, even when it seems that the improvement in the future is not expected. But happy memories offer hope that they will happen yet to come, you only need to believe in it.
Learn to forgive. Whatever is happening, whatever damage you did not cause the betrayal, forgive the offender. This is the teaching of many religions, and they are right. By forgiving, you are able to go forward.
The power of the spirit multiplied after each of your honest and courageous, and, at the same time, helps to cope with subsequent challenges. Catch this simple logic and start to help yourself in the future" now.
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