Consider this problem in the complex, because the tired look has a cumulative effect, if you don't give yourself a break. There are a few tips on how to look in the morning full of energy, no matter what.

The first is the ability to prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes and horrible looking skin in the evening. If you are at a party and drank a little alcohol, and in the morning you are scheduled an important meeting, so you need to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and alcohol quickly out of the body. Then, when you return home, be sure to use a tool with a cooling effect of bags under the eyes. You can use a refreshing mask for the eye contour (it can be purchased in the pharmacy). And it is desirable that the temperature in the room where you sleep was not above twenty degrees.

Second, the most popular and quickest way is to wrap it with gauze cloth frozen vegetables or ice and apply to the eyes. This method is very effective and will quickly cause the skin around the eyes tone. You can use cucumber slices, damp tea bags from the tea, and you can hold a teaspoon in ice water and apply to the eyes.

Third - do not use thick masking tools. They can only do worse, because getting into the wrinkles around the eyes, making them even more noticeable. For this you need to use a special concealer. It has a light structure and designed specifically for the eye area. Pick the right tone, a bit lighter than your complexion. But don't forget to test it in daylight because the lighting in stores is unnatural. Also before applying concealer under eyes be sure to apply cream to the eye area.

And the fourth secret – swelling of the eyes were less noticeable, you can do makeup, using pastel shades, pricenew the corners of the eyes with a dark pencil.

And most importantly, get enough sleep, then your eyes will always be rested.