There are many drugs and medications that will help to get rid of this disease, however, they can cost quite expensive. But not the fact that they will cause a positive reaction. Even possible harm to the body.

Therefore, you can use popular method of getting rid of edema. This method certainly will not bring harm to the body, but on the contrary will bring only benefits. No particular financial investment, simply a bit of free time.

Of course, the main rule is that you need as much rest as possible and take breaks at work. For the preparation of medicines needed will be the following ingredients: sour cream, parsley, aloe Vera and essential tea tree oil. Cream need two tablespoons. Also needed a bunch of parsley, which should be crushed using a mixer or blender and add in the sour cream. With aloe to do the same as with parsley, pre-dropping of essential oil. After all mix and allow to stand for about half an hour. After this easy cooking can be safely used.

If the swelling is strong, it is best to do twice a day. In the morning you can just apply the medicine for about ten minutes before the same work but this time while distracted by other things. After the time is up, you can wash off and smear the face cream. To do a second time on the night, but after the weight applied on the affected areas, should wear a mask. Such can be made from gauze, cut out the face shape or just tie on the eye, the medication is not smeared, and absorbed into the skin.

The next morning simply remove and wash warm water. The result is guaranteed one hundred percent. Parsley helps tone the skin, and in combination with sour cream relieves swelling. Aloe has healing properties and a beneficial effect on the skin under any circumstances. The oil will soften the skin and will not weathered.

This method of removing edema very economical and simple, but really worth it.