You will need
  • corset;
  • - push-up bra.
The corset is a unique rigid design, right sasorova you can emphasize the charm of the figure: to make the waist thinner and the chest is elastic and lush. Decide the size of the corset. If your goal is to hide figure flaws, then take the model one or two sizes smaller if you wish just to emphasize the dignity, buy thing your usual size.
If you are purchasing a corset for the first time, utgivits not more than 12 inches and wear it at home for 20 minutes daily. The body has to get used to the new sensations, so as to move and breathe in the corset will have a little bit different.
Give preference to high corsets with lacing at the sides. With this model you will learn how to tighten the breast, because it is easy to tie without assistance. Do not buy the corset, the edges of which converge on you butt with a minimum of marks-you will be uncomfortable. The optimal distance between the edges of the lace after tightening of 5-10 centimeters.
If you want to emphasize the waist and lift the Breasts, then you need to learn how to lace it up for themselves. Unlace the laces so that buck (hook) or lightning easily unbuttoned. Fasten the buckle, and then tighten the laces starting from the top to the waist. Connect laces in pairs, tie them at the waist in a knot.
To tighten the breast, while pinching leave two long loop under the breast, and after tighten as it should on this area and tie a bow. Don't be afraid to tighten a corset – high quality products designed for heavy loads.
Pick the right bras. Strapless bodice with volumetric cups and silicone inserts push-up can significantly increase your volumes. Choose clothes with a high waist, belt or ribbon under the chest – so your shape will look more luxuriant.