Visit an endocrinologist. The problem of excess weight may be associated with unhealthy lifestyle and internal problems in your body. Diseases, operations, disruption of the endocrine system, it can cause the increase of the body. The doctor will determine the root of the problem and prescribe the right treatment, will develop a diet that will be suitable for you.
Many people do not understand, how do they have extra pounds, like eating, in their opinion, a little bit. Keep a food diary, write down everything you eat in a day. Few days analyze your records. Most likely, you will be surprised how much extra you eat. A variety of tea cookies and scones during the working day, snacks not very useful products are the sources of excess calories.
After you see where and how much you eat in excess, make adjustments to your diet. You may need only to reduce the amount of snacking and substitute chocolates and biscuits more useful products. But, maybe, you will need to change your diet completely. Especially, it is necessary to do, if you consume a lot of fatty, spicy, smoked, farinaceous food, abuse alcohol.
Do you have a sedentary job you spend all day at the computer, and coming home, lay down on the couch to read a book or watch TV? No wonder, then, that the volume of your body increases. A sedentary lifestyle, and even together with malnutrition, is a fertile ground for the emergence of extra pounds. Sign up for aerobics, yoga, dancing, swimming pool. If there is no money and time to gym, do gym exercises at home. Even if you start just to walk in the evenings instead of lying in front of the TV, you'll soon notice that your physical form has improved.
The slimming process is quite long and complicated. It is impossible to instantly lose those extra pounds that you accumulated over several years. You should lose weight gradually, it is not recommended to discharge more than 3 kg per month. For this reason, various fast diets can do more harm than good. First, you will lose some number of pounds, but then they go back, and with it, perhaps even more.
Because to lose weight very much will not succeed, and want to look slimmer now, we can resort to the help of clothes. Properly chosen outfit will not only make you visually slimmer, but will also give confidence in their own attractiveness. Many believe that completeness is possible to hide baggy, shapeless clothing. But such clothing is able, on the contrary, make you even rounder and puffier. The clothes have to choose strictly according to its size. Pick the outfit so that it contained a vertical line that stretches your body. Emphasize their dignity. It can be a beautiful décolleté, hands, etc., Use accessories for the same purpose. For example, a thin wrist, select a beautiful bracelet, and a long neck adorn a pendant or necklace.