Put a clear time frame and create a motivation to achieve results. If you don't know what you want to achieve that illusive dream will be difficult. Decide how many pounds you wish to lose, what place in the body do not suit you and how quickly you want to reduce your volume. Then move to your goal, not retreating and not give up before difficulties.
Go on a proper diet. No diet weight loss is simply impossible, but this does not mean that you should rely only on it. Remember that extreme diets produce only short-term result associated with stress in the body. You also need a long and lasting results, so you'll have to completely revise your diet. Refrain from starchy foods and sweets, choose rye wholemeal bread, preferring it white. Be sure to eat several hundred grams of fresh fruit and vegetables, go for fish and chicken, and limit fatty meats. These simple rules will allow you to lose weight without harming your body.
Let your body cardio. They are necessary for those who want to lose extra pounds and maintain the body in a healthy condition. You can choose Jogging or swimming, and in addition to sign up for dancing. Exercise three to four times a week, and results will not keep itself waiting.
Do exercises on those parts of the body, which especially do not suit you. To reduce the volume of the body will have to exercise individual muscle groups. This you can do at home, but you can optionally buy a subscription to a fitness center. For the abdominals, for example, do sit-UPS from a prone position, crunches and leg lifts. For good thighs squats, and back and chest - pushups. Simple exercises in combination with proper nutrition and cardio will make your body several sizes smaller after a couple of months.