Advice 1: How to take a picture, drawn with a pencil

You are an artist and not a master of photoshop, but there is an overwhelming desire to make a photo original and unique, with the effect of pencil drawing. To do it can any neprodvinutye user. The main thing - the desire and creativity.
How to take a picture, drawn with a pencil
You will need
  • Computer, Internet, photography.
If you don't use, you need to go to the site Yandex the link On the next page, download the free software photo editor
Open the program of the photo you want to do with the effect of pencil drawing. To do this, put the cursor on the desired picture, click the right mouse button and choose the option "Open with". Next, from the list of programs choose "Yandex Fotki". After your photo is opened in the photo editor, on the bottom toolbar, find the icon "Open image Editor" (the image of a glass with the brush and pencil). A page will open where you will be located on the right toolbar of the edit photo.
On this panel, choose the "Visual effects" and click on the icon "Make a sketch". The image in your photo converted to pencil sketch, drawn with a pencil). In this section you have the ability to self-adjust the image by selecting contrast and impact. To do this, put the cursor on the corresponding slider and drive it to get the desired result in the photograph.
In addition, you can perform automatic configuration of your edited photos. On the bottom toolbar choose the icon "Masterpiece" (to Start automatic processing). This icon is represented as an image in a frame.
Not every photo editing may be the proper quality. To obtain the desired effect of a photo, drawn with a pencil, you should choose a quality (sharpness, contrast and saturated colors) pictures.

Advice 2 : How to copy picture

Redrawing images is a good way to get the hand to draw. Copy ready is often easier than creating a picture out of my head or draw an object from nature. There are several methods of redrawing.
How to copy picture
One of the ways redraw - method of partitioning into squares. It is especially good when the source image should be scaled to increase or, conversely, to make smaller. Divide the sheet with the source image into equal squares, a relatively large or small as you prefer. Then take a clean sheet of paper and raschertite it into the same number of squares. Use a pencilto after redrawing the grid can be erased. Consider each square of the picture, will learn the location of the lines. Repeat the contents of each square on a clean sheet of paper, following the lines.
Another way is the representation of the depicted object into geometrical shapes. For example, the cat's head to present a circle, her torso - in the form of an oval, paws - in the form of rectangles and circles. Draw a schematic object in the form of geometric shapes on a blank sheet of paper. Then adjust the outlines of a cat: make a more accurate contours, add smaller details. Complete the drawing by shading, giving it volume, highlighting the more lit and shadow areas of the object.
To keep the proportions of the object, measure the ratio of any part thereof with the image as a whole. For example, the picture shows a cat standing on its hind legs. Measure her head high and put on the growth of cats. How many times the length of the head will fit in the length of her torso - that is their ratio to each other. Knowing this ratio, set it dots on a blank sheet of paper. When drawing proceed from these labels. In the process of constantly measure and compare the proportions.
The arbitrary redrawing. Try to copy lines in an arbitrary order. To do this, imagine that the figure is a set of lines, and not the subject that carries meaning.
Probably the easiest way to copy a picture (or rather copy) the redrawing of the light. Attach the original image to a window glass, and top with a clean sheet of paper. The outline of the image will Shine through - just circle them. Complete the pattern on their own, giving it volume and finish small parts.
Useful advice
Practice first more to redraw a simple image, gradually moving to more complex.
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