You will need
  • Computer, Internet, photography.
If you don't use, you need to go to the site Yandex the link On the next page, download the free software photo editor
Open the program of the photo you want to do with the effect of pencil drawing. To do this, put the cursor on the desired picture, click the right mouse button and choose the option "Open with". Next, from the list of programs choose "Yandex Fotki". After your photo is opened in the photo editor, on the bottom toolbar, find the icon "Open image Editor" (the image of a glass with the brush and pencil). A page will open where you will be located on the right toolbar of the edit photo.
On this panel, choose the "Visual effects" and click on the icon "Make a sketch". The image in your photo converted to pencil sketch, drawn with a pencil). In this section you have the ability to self-adjust the image by selecting contrast and impact. To do this, put the cursor on the corresponding slider and drive it to get the desired result in the photograph.
In addition, you can perform automatic configuration of your edited photos. On the bottom toolbar choose the icon "Masterpiece" (to Start automatic processing). This icon is represented as an image in a frame.