First throw out of the closet pants! A woman looks much more feminine and seductive still in women's clothing. Cross out "unisex" from your style of dress. Buy long skirts, slinky dresses and transparent tops for your wardrobe, and you will see how you turn out after men! And don't forget that high heel leg looks a lot sleeker, slimmer and longer. And there are accessories that are not available to men and it's nice! Light scarves, earrings, bracelets, beads will make you unique and incredibly feminine.
It is important to look feminine, which means you have to forget about the habit to fit into a favorite robe (leave it for bath) and bedroom Slippers size unknown! The house you watching your favorite, the more you have to choose the clothes that I want to emphasize your strengths. And in a robe of dignity to see quite problematic.
Start a simple task – to love yourself and your body. Learn to care for yourself: be always neat, clean, and follow the appearance and shape, learn to accentuate your strengths and hide weaknesses. Don't forget the scent of your body – add oil in the bath, such as ylang ylang excites a man's imagination. A little perfume linen and yourself - you must always smell amazing. Eat right. Engage any sports or dancing – it will help to lead to a form object (if there are issues) and will make you look more plastic and graceful. Because femininity is and feline grace and softness in the movements!
And, perhaps, the most difficult is to monitor the behavior, their manners. Learn correctly and to speak beautifully and correctly to present themselves. It is difficult, but as they say, nothing is not possible for a human being. Restrain negative emotions – not to splash out them on others, look for compromise, but it is better to learn the negative to fend off a charming smile. Always frowning lady is unlikely to appear feminine. Read more literature and you will be pleasant and interesting interlocutor, with whom you can discuss any topic.
And most importantly – you are the most charming and attractive. Always remember this. Start to become feminine right now. It's nice to feel seductive, soft, charming and mysterious. And how nice when you turn around after admiring men!