You will need
  • Opera Browser
Expand Opera menu. You need to get to the settings delete the stored browser history. To do this, go to "Settings" and select the line "Delete personal data". The result of this action will open a text window, warning you that if you just press the "Delete" button, then close all browser tabs and abort all active downloads files.
Click the label next to "Detailed setup", placed under the text of the warning. So you will deploy an additional part of this dialog with the complete list of data types that the browser can delete. You should make sure that the list put a mark next to "Clear browsing history". The mechanism of formation of the drop-down list of address bar that with the disappearance from it of any link, another URL from my browsing history adds to the list. Therefore, for the destruction of this list, you should erase the history stored by the browser.
Click the "Remove" button to start the cleaning procedure, making sure that in the list of marked data there is nothing that you would like to save (e.g., passwords).
Open the browser menu if you want to use an alternative method of cleaning my browsing history. Go to "Settings" and select the top row ("General settings") to open the access window to change browser settings. You can access it by pressing CTRL + F12. On the "Advanced" tab select in the list of topics a string of "History". Under the label "Remember visited addresses for history and autocompletion" posted the "Clear" button, which you press to clean the drop-down list in the address bar. Here you can restrict or even prohibit the browser to store the URL of visited pages, putting the desired number in the drop-down list labelled "Remember addresses".