In accordance with article 808 of the Civil code, a receiptthat can be filed in court shall be prepared in loose manuscript form. To write it must be the one who takes money in debt.
Be sure to indicate the date and place of drawing up of receipts. If necessary, the court will be restored events in which a document was drafted.
Specify the names, dates of birth and passport data of the borrower and the lender, including the address of their registration.
The amount of money transferred to the debt specified numbers, and then in brackets in words.
Always recorded the exact date of refund.
From the text of the receipt should clearly follow that the borrower has received the funds from the lender at the time of writing. The very receipt in this case evidence of receipt of these funds.
If when writing receipts was attended by the witnesses, their names and passport details should also indicate this in the text. In court you can rely on their legitimate evidence.
After the preparation of receipts check it for errors:

• Check and verify the passport details of all persons mentioned in the document

• Be sure to check that the receipt contained as of the date of writing and date of refund

• Do not specify that the money was given for business or commercial transaction. It is a commercial risk that may not be justified, and lost the money the debtor will not return.
"12" March 2011
I, Ivanov Sergey Petrovich (passport 444555 22 33 issued March 04, 2008 ATC Khimki), registered at the address: Khimki, St. Lenina d. 2 45 sq., this receipt confirms that it has received directly from the citizen Petrova Marina Leonidovna (passport 33 44 555666, issued April 04, 2007, the Department of internal Affairs, Voronezh), registered at the address Khimki, St. Lenina, d. 45 square 3, the monetary amount of 160 000 (Hundred sixty thousand) rubles 00 kopecks. Obligation to return 160 000 (Hundred sixty thousand) rubles 00 kopecks on June 20, 2011 the Money received when signing the receipt.
(Signature) /Ivanov S. P./

12 Mar 2011