Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Remember that the receipt is drawn up in simple written form. That is, to fill her need personally to the recipient, without the use of a computer and printer. This will make it easy to establish the authenticity of document in case of any dispute between the parties. In addition, prepare the passport of the transaction participants.
Start the registration document with the title "Receipt", placing it in the top center of the sheet. Next, the left write the date of its execution, and the right place (city, town). Make a text so as to clearly read who is who, when and where transferred money.
In the main text must be listed in the program of funds. For each side (transmitting and receiving), you must specify not only the surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, and place of residence, and passport details.
Next, enter the amount in figures and in words. Write the purposes for which the money is transferred to the host party. This can be a loan, payment of percent on the loan, the repayment of borrowed funds and If the transfer occurs within a previously signed contract, be sure to specify its details (number, date of conclusion, parties to the Treaty). In the case of a loan in the receipt will need to clarify the repayment terms and conditions of the loan (interest, etc.).
Details of witnesses present during the transfer of money is also necessary to specify in the text of the receipt. In conclusion, the receiver should put a personal signature. The receipt retained by the party transmitting the money. It is necessary to thoroughly check the accuracy of the passport and other data that appear in the document.