You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a nylon cord;
  • small wrenches.
Before installing the rear windscreen, heated lay it on a table covered with a blanket (wool or Baikov). Sealing rubber insert the lock and apply a thin layer of silicone sealant on the inside of the cavity.
Put the rubber band on the glass and lay in the outer groove nylon cord, lubricated so that the ends of it were withdrawn at the bottom, center.
Together with an assistant, insert the glass with a rubber band in the bottom groove of the frame body. During this procedure, watch out for the fact that it was set exactly in the center. If necessary, align the glass, tapping his fingers on its surface to offset in one direction or another.
From inside the vehicle start to pull the cord out of the gasket simultaneously with its extraction, he turns the edge of the gum, which fits over the edge of the frame body, in this time, outside the hands flatten the glass down.
With the replacement of side Windows in the doors, the situation is somewhat more complicated.
Remove the door hook for opening the door, the window regulator handle, the armrest, the trim and the top of the pad.
In the inner cavity of the door, remove the screw fastening the guide glass and two more on a bracket that is fixed on the cable of the lifting device.
Lower the glass inside and Unscrew with a screwdriver the top screw attaching the gutter to the frame of the door, after which he retrieved, and behind him, and glass. Remove the triangular glass Mitrovica".
Insert the door in the sixth model side glass from the "seven" and mount it to the bracket side mirrors.
Raise the glass up until it stops and hold it with one hand, hook on the cable of the lifting device locking clip, tighten the two screws.
Similar work done with the second door, then you need to install the trim and other accessories.