Freezing birds should be very fast, and defrost slowly. Remove the duck from the freezer, unpack (but do not remove the package completely), put into a deep bowl and refrigerate on the bottom shelf where the temperature is closer to zero.
Big bird will have to leave in this condition for at least a day. Periodically drain the resultant liquid. Otherwise it will stew in its own juice, and this should not be allowed.
Duck can be defrosted and at room temperature. However, be careful. If you have a flat very hot and the temperature reaches +28 C, the best of this method to unsubscribe. There is a possibility of spoilage before it is completely thawed.
Don't rush defrosting, do not immerse the duck into the water, do not place in warm, and especially not put in the oven, so she's just "arrived". Will have to patiently wait for the bird would be soft, only to then begin cooking. This gentle method of thawing you will lose a minimal amount of fluid from the carcass, and then the finished dish will be incredibly useful, not dry, soft and juicy.
Remember: re-freeze any thawed foods are forbidden! It will destroy the fiber structure of the meat and will make it slimy and unfit for consumption.
Definitely fresh, just plucked duck can not be compared with frozen products. However, urban residents the opportunity to purchase fresh duck appears not always. But even if you managed to buy such a carcass, it is not necessary to freeze it at home. All because the freezer of a domestic refrigerator is much inferior to the industrial methods of fast shock freezing. Of frozen homemade duck way in thawing out a significant part of the liquid, resulting in your dish will lose juiciness and softness.