There are three basic rules that serve as the Foundation of modern photography. Is lighting, composition and processing of photos. Consider each of these points separately.
Composition. Before you proceed directly to the shooting process, define the object you want to photograph or a person, whose image will appear on the picture. If you're shooting a building, then stand back to capture it whole, not cut "polubashni". If you are photographing a person, ensure that it was a snapshot if it is portrait photography.
Lighting.Many photographers do not cease to repeat again and again that the light is the main key to success to getting beautiful photos. Do not take pictures in the sun. You can't see in this picture, except the dark shapes. It is best to photograph when the sun is not too bright. If you take pictures in the summer, it is best to photograph either in the morning or after 16 hours. At other times of year the sun is not a hindrance. In the nice warm sun comes out tender skin and beautiful hair, if you are photographing people. Try to catch the right light.
Do not put a model under the sun. In the photo she is squinting that no one will like it. If the model has chubby legs, it is not necessary to sit in front of the camera. Take photos in a half-turn. It is important to remember that everyone has flaws and advantages. Try to photograph the person underneath, if you want visually to increase the growth model. It also visually lengthens the model's legs. If you have too wide lower part of the face e.g. chin, it is not necessary to take pictures from below on the contrary, try to take pictures from above.
Look for unusual places. Do not "battered" pictures. Fall nature like never striking in its color palette. Don't miss a moment. Keep up with the camera. This will allow you to practice more often.
Treatment. Beauty is naturalness. It's the same with photography. It is not necessary to overload it with effects. You can add colors by increasing the contrast, or crop it, removing the excess. But don't get carried away with excessive treatment.
Practice, practice and more practice. Take lots of pictures to define the genre. You can read a lot of books, listen to a lot of advice, but nothing replaces personal observations that you make in the process of shooting. Good luck!