In advance, prepare the necessary materials for carrying out the piercing operation. You will need gloves, titanium or plastic or labret rings, new needle with a minimum diameter of a millimeter or a catheter, as well as hydrogen peroxide and cotton wool for disinfection.
Wash your hands thoroughly, prepare the workplace and put on new gloves.
Doing the piercing can around the perimeter of the lips. Having defined the location, carefully inspect the inside of the lips. To do this, slightly pull it away and find the area where the least visible blood vessels. It is best to avoid damage during the piercing operation.
Treat with hydrogen peroxide skin area on the inner side in the place where you are going to stab the lip. Also carefully disinfect the needle.
Fast movement make the puncture. Then remove the needle and immediately put on the pre-disinfected the pier. To remove it should not be at least a week. Don't forget to process daily puncture with hydrogen peroxide.
During the healing period puncture is strongly not recommended to drink alcohol or to smoke. Also restrict yourself from spicy and salty foods. All this is an irritant to the wound.