Of course, to adjust the volume of only the upper lip, it is possible to contact the experts. This procedure is fairly quick, but there remain questions of aesthetics. Women can spend hours to enjoy the perfect form, while men are contemptuous curve and choose women though narrow, but natural lips.
To in a natural way to increase lip volume and to maintain their health, to perform special daily exercises for the lips. All exercises are based on intensive movement of the lip muscles. Pyrite, show fangs, maximum occasionally lifting the upper lip, whistle, stuvite fuzzes with an imaginary dandelion, pronounce the vowels of the alphabet, keeping the lips tense. Do the exercises 5-6 times for 15 minutes a day. Such exercises can also extend the youthfulness of your lips.
Properly applied makeup will help to visually make the upper lip fuller, to give it some extra volume. Apply to the upper lip a little makeup to smooth color transition. Swipe a contour pencil line slightly above your natural lip line, fill the lips with lipstick to the line contour pencil. Swipe strip light pencil above the line, carefully restului those this strip with a brush or fingers. Put on the middle of lip gloss over a light shade to give the upper lip more volume.
Apply over your regular lipstick translucent gloss opal – it will make your upper lip more visually full. Use bright lipstick shades – they look natural and allow you to better hide the fact that the contour of the upper lip is drawn, and not follows the natural curves.
Slightly increase the volume of the upper lip, you can use contrasting compresses. Alternately applied 3-4 times to the lip of an ice cube and a napkin soaked in hot water. Can help and massage: apply regular tooth brush a little honey and massage the lip for several minutes. After the massage, clean the skin and apply a nourishing balm or cream. Procedures are performed daily.