You will need
  • - Windows Media Center;
  • - coaxial and fiber optic cable;
  • - TV tuner;
  • - the set-top box;
  • Station APS;
  • - voltage rectifier;
The first step is to choose an operator and supplier. Please note all sections of this agreement: termination, terms of payment and conditions of connection.
Purchase the required yardage of fiber optic or coaxial cable. If your personal computer there is no built in TV out, buy a TV tuner and a set-top box.
Connect the TV tuner to the motherboard of your personal computer. Download from the manufacturer's website "fresh" drivers and install them. Reboot the operating system to take effect.
A set-top box connect to your personal computer and to a power source. Install a voltage rectifier and station APS to avoid power outage. You can connect to cable television, an unlimited number of computers in your apartment so as to pay only an access point.
Connect the cable from the access point to the set-top box, and from it to the TV tuner. Lay the cable to avoid mechanical damage (preferably under the plinth).
Go to "start" and select "Run". Then look for "Setting TV-out and adjust the signal from the source. To prevent blocking, disable the firewall.
Go to the software Windows Media Center. Tab shows. In the appearing dialog window you can configure channels. You can use this program to record on your personal computer TV programs and view them later.