Like any bad habit from swearing to be removed in stages. Pretty important step is awareness of the need to change something in their behavior. Understand that the Mat is very much clogs your speech, someone from the people it's jarring, and you spoil the aura. Because the words you speak and think, play a role in how the rest of your life.
The more positivity and optimism in your thoughts and words, the brighter future awaits you and the brighter your present.

Take care of yourself

The path is correct, pure speech difficult for those who are accustomed to swear. But you can fix it. The main thing is to watch what you say. Can wear on wrist medical elastic and pull it every time to use the word profanity. The pain from the clicking of the gum on the skin, however small, will contribute to the development of a specific reflex, and you will stop swearing.

Force yourself to pronounce the sentence, which included at least one swear word, again. Let your brain get used to how it should sound correctly constructed phrase. At the same time you will be trained in the selection of suitable synonyms for swear words.

Control the expression of his anger. If you primarily use swear words in fits of aggressiveness or fighting with someone, you need to become more tolerant and restrained person, to the need to mate has disappeared by itself.

Look at yourself from the eyes of others, your colleagues, friends, relatives and children. Strong expression do not paint any young girl or a solid man. Such promiscuity in words, intemperance, and bad manners indicate your disrespect for other people and to themselves. Think about that, mother, you lowered yourself a notch lower than people who do not use profanity.

Change your life

Maybe your speech is affected by the environment. If you're swamped, stressed, and besides, all colleagues of matter, it is no wonder that you began to use swear words. Consider changing activities, because this situation should not become normal.

Look to your friends. Believe me, you are very much of them you take, including catch and some words. Good when it's new terms and words that extend your vocabulary. But if the vocabulary your friends consists mainly of a Mat, you can borrow at the bottom of the habit of swearing.
Certainly not worth all the drawbacks attributed to someone's negative impact, but sometimes it is indeed the case.
If well-read, intelligent and well-mannered people, and will see how will change not only your speech but also the quality of life in General.