Develop the skills of the analyst. Someone from nature goes to such a talent, and someone has to learn throughout life. People can achieve success in different areas, if you will put this effort. The scope of activities is extensive. For example, grab some text, read it carefully, identify the main idea, make a detailed plan. So you will learn from a large amount of information to highlight the most important. Only do periodic breaks, otherwise you risk to form in the head "mess", and this clearly will not help you in data assimilation.
Try to solve the problem. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. - exact science, which often uses the analysis. You can start with the most basic, and then increase the difficulty. The solution of equations, experiments, tasks with unknown etc. all require specific algorithms. And, therefore, decomposition of actions into steps and points. Moreover, it should be noted that simple tasks are subject to all. Their solutions do not need to be a genius or have an extremely technical mind. The necessary perseverance and the desire to understand the material.
Go from the theory to practice. Try to analyze situations. Start with the ones that are not related to you, to be able to consider the situation objectively, without emotion. Consider how and why this happened and what was the result. Then you will be easier to consider their own problems. Remember that feelings and emotions interfere with "cold" thinking. Therefore, they need to learn to step back, at least for a short time. Regular exercise will help you to analyze what is happening around, without any special effort. Sometimes not even putting out such a task. Look at a lot of things will be different, more clear.