Advice 1: How to learn to analyze

"Analysis" in translation from Greek means "decomposition". Indeed, to learn to analyze, it is necessary to decompose the task "on the shelves" and reveal the essence of the problem.
How to learn to analyze
Develop the skills of the analyst. Someone from nature goes to such a talent, and someone has to learn throughout life. People can achieve success in different areas, if you will put this effort. The scope of activities is extensive. For example, grab some text, read it carefully, identify the main idea, make a detailed plan. So you will learn from a large amount of information to highlight the most important. Only do periodic breaks, otherwise you risk to form in the head "mess", and this clearly will not help you in data assimilation.
Try to solve the problem. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. - exact science, which often uses the analysis. You can start with the most basic, and then increase the difficulty. The solution of equations, experiments, tasks with unknown etc. all require specific algorithms. And, therefore, decomposition of actions into steps and points. Moreover, it should be noted that simple tasks are subject to all. Their solutions do not need to be a genius or have an extremely technical mind. The necessary perseverance and the desire to understand the material.
Go from the theory to practice. Try to analyze situations. Start with the ones that are not related to you, to be able to consider the situation objectively, without emotion. Consider how and why this happened and what was the result. Then you will be easier to consider their own problems. Remember that feelings and emotions interfere with "cold" thinking. Therefore, they need to learn to step back, at least for a short time. Regular exercise will help you to analyze what is happening around, without any special effort. Sometimes not even putting out such a task. Look at a lot of things will be different, more clear.

Advice 2: How to determine the mind

From identifying the warehouse of the mind depends on the success in the choice of profession. Occupation of the person should correspond to his abilities, personality, mentality and way of thinking.
How to determine the mind
Look to yourself. If before taking any action, you are all well weigh and consider, calculate the probable problems and their solutions, then you tend to be analyzed and the type of thinking you have analytical. People with the artistic and imaginative warehouse of the mind perceives the world through the senses. More important to him than the emotional side of any problem. Problem it solves with the help of intuition and hunches.
Remember, what subjects in school or University was given to you easily. Analysts typically strong in the technical Sciences, while people with Ms.umahumanitarian warehouse of mind prefer literature and philosophy to other Sciences.
Try to determine through various tests, which hemisphere of the brain are most developed. If leading is the right hemisphere, in a person's life is usually dominated by emotions, not logical thinking. And if it turns out that a more developed left hemisphere of the brain, the person has a tendency to analyze.
Clap your hands. If you prefer to clap your right hand, you have a better developed right hemisphere of the brain. Interlace the fingers. A person with an analytical mind, the top will be the right finger.
Take a pencil and align it at arm's length with a horizontal line, for example, with a window. Cover turns to the left and right eyes. Please note, when closing what eye pencil is displaced relative to the horizontal. If this occurs during the closing of the left eye, then you have a gentle nature and traits of creative personality.
Try to describe a recent life event or a personal object. For example, tell us about some of the trips. People with an analytical mind will pay more attention to the details, I will describe in detail the situation. Creative people will focus on their feelings and emotions, impressions and their experience.
Do You have an analytical mind? When choosing a future profession it is necessary to determine which warehouse is Your mind. This test will help You determine if You possess an analytical mind.
Useful advice
A test of the mind. Every student knows that it is better to take the test in pairs, to answer the terrible questions of the teacher. Some believe that it is easier and better to order tests than to sit all night the day before delivery and be unsure of what you are doing right. Before starting the test, we should define the concepts. Today the famous 3 types of mind: 1. Analytical, which allows the student to do analysis of the situation and to build an image.

Advice 3: How to analyze data

Ability to analyze data, draw them on the basis of certain conclusions and to act in accordance with these conclusions is the key to success no matter what field the person works. For a successful analysis of the data, you need to learn how to work with them.
How to analyze data
Rules of data analysis largely depend on their type and the required degree of reliability of the result. For example, when conducting research the result should be statistically significant, that is, with a certain probability (typically 0.95 and higher) to indicate the correctness of the research. The use of specific mathematical methods and algorithms.
A much more common situation where people got some data and it needs to "squeeze" the most useful information for specific decision making. Here can be useful and simple enough methods to properly analyze the collected information.
When analyzing data it is very important their correct performance. For example, you have two number series of data and you need without long mathematical calculations to understand whether there is a correlation between them (dependence). The easiest way to determine presenting data graphically, for example in the form of graphs. A simple glance at them would be enough to understand whether there is between them explicit correlation or not.
To transfer data in a graphical view, use the Excel program from Microsoft Office. Run it, enter your data in two columns. Highlight both columns, click "Insert" "Chart". In the opened window select desired type of view, such as "Schedule". Click "Next". In the next window, you will see how it will look finished schedule.
Again click "Next", give (if necessary) the name of the graph and the axes X and Y. Again click "Next" then "Finish". On the page this will insert a figure with two graphs. Now, looking at them, you can clearly see, whether there are among them some similarities. If there is a correlation, the graphs will be very similar.
To analyze the data at a higher level, you should use a special computer program. There are both paid software, e.g. the software package STATISTICA, and free. Great list of free programs of various kinds you can find here:
When analyzing data it is very important to find the right approach to solving the task before you. Choosing the right algorithm can greatly shorten the operation time. So do not rush to start calculation – think about how this work can be done most effectively. Analytical abilities are manifested not only in the ability to find connections and draw the right conclusions, but in the ability to determine the most appropriate in this particular case, the algorithm for solving the problem.

Advice 4: How to learn to solve chemistry problems

The curriculum is quite intense, absorbed theoretical knowledge, but practical skills there is no solution. What to do and how to learn to solve problems in chemistry? What is primarily required from the student?
The task of chemistry
Solution of tasks on chemistry is specific, and you need to find a starting point that will help to learn to understand this difficult matter.

What you need to know for solving problems in chemistry

To correctly solve chemistry problems, you first need to know what is the valence of the elements. Depends on the formulation of the substance, equation of a chemical reaction without taking into account the valence not be, and not to equalize. The periodic table is used in almost every job, you need to learn how to use it correctly to obtain the necessary information about the chemical elements, their mass, the electronic levels. Often tasks require us to calculate the mass or volume of the resulting product, this is the basis.
If the valence to determine incorrectly that all the calculations are incorrect.

And then the other, more complicated tasks will be solved easier. But first of all, formulas of substances, well written reaction equations, showing that in the end will succeed and in what form. It could be fluid, freely evolved gas, solid, drop down into the sediment or dissolved in water or any other liquid.

Where to start when solving problems in chemistry

To solve the problem briefly recorded her condition. After this is a balanced equation for the reaction. For example, consider a specific data need to determine the mass of the received substance, sulphide of aluminium, the reaction of aluminum metal with sulfuric acid, if taken aluminum is 2.7 grams. We should pay attention only to substances that are known, then those that want to find.

To start you need to solve with the translation of the mass in grams per mole. To make the reaction formula, substitute into it the values of mass and calculate the ratio. After solved a simple problem, you can try to learn on their own similar, but with other elements, that is, to get hand. The formulas are the same, only the elements change. All the solution of tasks on chemistry is reduced to writing the correct formula of the substance, to the proper preparation of the reaction equations.
All the problems are solved on the same principle, the main thing is to place coefficients in the equation.

For exercise, you can use the Internet, there's a huge number of different jobs, and then you can see the solution algorithm, which continue to apply independently. The advantage is that you can always see the correct answer, and if your result does not coincide, to understand, to find the error. More for learning to use reference books and collections of problems.
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