Rules of data analysis largely depend on their type and the required degree of reliability of the result. For example, when conducting research the result should be statistically significant, that is, with a certain probability (typically 0.95 and higher) to indicate the correctness of the research. The use of specific mathematical methods and algorithms.
A much more common situation where people got some data and it needs to "squeeze" the most useful information for specific decision making. Here can be useful and simple enough methods to properly analyze the collected information.
When analyzing data it is very important their correct performance. For example, you have two number series of data and you need without long mathematical calculations to understand whether there is a correlation between them (dependence). The easiest way to determine presenting data graphically, for example in the form of graphs. A simple glance at them would be enough to understand whether there is between them explicit correlation or not.
To transfer data in a graphical view, use the Excel program from Microsoft Office. Run it, enter your data in two columns. Highlight both columns, click "Insert" "Chart". In the opened window select desired type of view, such as "Schedule". Click "Next". In the next window, you will see how it will look finished schedule.
Again click "Next", give (if necessary) the name of the graph and the axes X and Y. Again click "Next" then "Finish". On the page this will insert a figure with two graphs. Now, looking at them, you can clearly see, whether there are among them some similarities. If there is a correlation, the graphs will be very similar.
To analyze the data at a higher level, you should use a special computer program. There are both paid software, e.g. the software package STATISTICA, and free. Great list of free programs of various kinds you can find here:
When analyzing data it is very important to find the right approach to solving the task before you. Choosing the right algorithm can greatly shorten the operation time. So do not rush to start calculation – think about how this work can be done most effectively. Analytical abilities are manifested not only in the ability to find connections and draw the right conclusions, but in the ability to determine the most appropriate in this particular case, the algorithm for solving the problem.