Advice 1: How to cope with mistrust

Distrust causes constant tension, the tension or suspicion in any relationship, provokes conflicts. Says, "do Not relax in the presence of this man." It is impossible to give advice – do so-and-so and you trust anyone 100%. To cope with his mistrust, you need to conduct a small audit of their feelings, to understand their own ideas about the world and about themselves.
How to cope with mistrust
Consider what for you is your lack of confidence. Often it is like guards, protects from something you repeatedly (or even for the first time) is not going to survive. You don't want to get hurt, so afraid to fully open up to the partner to rely on him, to trust and to relax into a relationship with him. The fear to open up, to be again defrauded can corrode relationships, which on the contrary want to correct and improve.
Take responsibility for your own feelings. Suspicion, mistrust, fear, doubts arise for you. And nobody is responsible for your feelings. The responsibility lies with you. To fight the feeling, as well as to deal with distrust, it is useless. It is your natural reaction to what is happening. Take it and do not expect from others that they will take you under his wing and will never cheat. Sensibly assess the potential and talents of others.
Will reconsider your view on the commitments of others to you and your own, what you owe, what you owe your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend? And what you owe them? Hardly anyone, even from the closest people assumed the obligation to fully protect your peace of mind. Reduce your expectations to others – they can't and don't have to justify them. As well as you are unable to meet the expectations of others.
Learn to accept your family for who they are. Accept their independence and autonomy. Believe in the best qualities of close people in difficult situations, remember their good and strong points, and not mistakes. The attraction of the positive experience - a good way to overcome mistrust. A very effective way turns out to be a mental good wishes to the person you don't trust – it will calm you and add positive in the situation.
Develop confidence, appreciate yourself for your quality, be engaged in their development – i.e. switch attention from another for themselves. Distrust arises because of the uncertainty that you will be able to cope with an unpredictable situation or that I'm afraid. The reason is not so much the behavior of another person, who now don't trust how much is in your fear of pain, frustration and unreasonable expectations. Increase your stress tolerance and independence. Clearly certifite circles of influence. You should understand what you can influence, and what to not change. To change the other person or the past, for example, you can't.
Also learn to accept life situation, and then release them into the past. To accept means to admit the possibility of their existence. And letting go means, to be able to say goodbye. It often happens that the person has changed, and you are not able to cope with their own distrust, you still worry about what happened. So, in these moments it is important to say to yourself: Yes, no bad in life, but it passes. It is important to rejoice for the fact that you too have passed this stage, survived, managed. And to live in the present.

Advice 2 : How to cope with jealousy in a relationship

Jealousy is a common emotion that often separates people and destroys lives. Jealous people do not think that the next scandal they just destroy their relationship, their happiness. Maybe you should stop and think: is there really a reason to be jealous?
How to cope with jealousy in a relationship

Of course, nobody says that jealous is not necessary, just jealousy needs to be healthy. If one person is infinitely jealous of the other, then it is necessary to consider whether such relationship at all.

Being jealous of a loved one, a person brings to exhaustion and emotional exhaustion not only themselves, but also a partner. So you need to learn to control your emotions and not to throw them out in the second half at the first opportunity. It is easier to destroy than to build, it must be remembered always.

If in a relationship there is a healthy jealousy, it is useful because it "warms up" the relationship. But if this feeling goes abroad, we need to do something. Jealousy, a feeling that is not love peace. No need to sit and be silent, should speak with their loved one and to talk about their experiences. He, in turn, will confirm or refute this. In any case, the relationship is always both to blame and the situation you need to learn to solve together. If a couple is unable to cope with this problem independently, it is better to go to a psychologist.

Very often the jealousy hides the banal self-doubt. That is the reasons as such for concern and distrust of the partner no. Just a man unsure of himself and afraid of losing his soulmate. In such situations, you should work on yourself and above all on his attitude to himself.

Relationships should be happy and to be carefree, they should not bring sorrow and suffering. You just need to learn to trust, because trust is the key to a long and happy life.

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