You will need
  • - flexible tape measure for tailoring work;
  • - ledge;
  • - curtain fabrics.
Choose the model of curtains on a window in the room, which is the best way to decorate. To determine the size of curtains of this model calculate the parameters of the window opening – width and height. To measure the length of the curtains decide with their mount. The curtain can be fastened to the wall or ceiling. When fixing cornice to the wall measure the distance from the ceiling will be.
Decide what will be the width of the set of curtains on the Windows. Usually it exceeds the length of the cornice in 2-3 times. The splendor of curtains on a window in the room will depend on your preferences. To best determine the sizes of curtains pre-hang the cornice. This guarantees the accuracy of the measurements. Measure the distance between the leftmost and rightmost provisions of the hooks of the ledge. This size will be the length of the cornice.
Use the following proportions to determine the width of the fabric sliding curtains depending on the size of the eaves. If the size of eaves up to 1. 4 m width of a single sheet of fabric 1 is equal to the length of the cornice; up to 2 m – 1.5 length up to 2.8 m – 2 in length; up to 3.4 m – 2,5 length; up to 4 m 3 the length of the cornice to each panel.

If you need to determine the width of the fabric not sliding curtains and solid Drapes to the length of the cornice you need to add 1.5 – 3 lengths. To determine the size of pelmet it is necessary to measure the intended height and length of the cornice.
Start measuring the length of curtains from the eaves to the chosen level. With an uneven field or the ceiling froze produce from both sides. When using kulisek, laces, eyelets, loops, length, measure from the eaves. In the case of rings, the length of the curtains, measure from them, not from the ledge. Don't forget each side to leave 5 cm to finish the seams.

Sets curtains on the Windows can reach a floor, to be above his level or lying on the floor. In the latter case, be sure to add to the height of the curtains 20 to 50 cm from the bottom and about 15 cm from the top. All sizes of curtains, write down in a notebook.
Curtains on the eyelets