When is it better to use a ceiling cornice

What is the main advantage of ceiling cornice? It allows you to hang long curtains from the ceiling. Thus, the room visually appear greater than it really is. With the help of this device and long curtains, even the room with low ceiling look more spacious.
If you use a ceiling cornice with baguette – front trim strip will not be evident nor the reference bus, attached to the ceiling, no hooks for curtains.

In addition, ceiling cornice can be installed almost anywhere, even in a niche. The simplest kind of ceiling cornice – string cornice. It consists of two pillar brackets, between which are stretched metal strings. The advantages of this type of cornice – low cost and ease of installation. Drawback – the strings eventually begin to SAG, and they must again be tightened. String cornice designed for a small load, so it is better to hang curtains of light material. Ceiling tracks can be used even in cases where odd-shaped window.

In some cases it is better to strengthen the wall cornice

If you have rooms with high ceilings, them to anything even more visually enlarge. In this case, it is desirable to select the wall ledge. Moreover, the design of these curtains is much richer and more diverse than the ceiling.
You can easily pick up a wall ledge to a room decorated in almost any style – retro, classic, modern, avant-garde, country, etc.

For example, for rooms decorated in classic style, especially with the use of wooden panels, is ideal for wooden wall cornice. With modern or avant-garde interiors will combine well metal cornice, especially made with decorative elements (forged parts, whorls). Well, universal wall cornice, which can be used almost in any interior is plastic.

The thickness of the cornice depends on the weight of the curtains. Light curtain will look bad in combination with a thick massive ledge, and under the weight of massive curtains too thin cornice can bend. Try to observe the Golden mean.

When choosing a cornice proceed, first of all, the size of the room, and especially its height. It is necessary to use such a device that is best suited to the room, the kitchen will be able to emphasize its strengths and hide weaknesses – for example, a low ceiling.