You will need
  • Internet, friends, ads, free time.
First, do not panic. When a person is nervous, he ceases to think sensibly and properly coordinate their actions. Moreover, his panic infects other people. Need to gather my thoughts and plan searches.
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If the family consists of several people, the best way would be to split up into groups. adult family members need to bypass the nearest cellars and attics, alleys and streets. If the basement is locked, ask for the keys in the housing office. Most likely they will enter the position and time will give us the keys. The first search failed - do not worry. The animal could see passers-by, or grandmothers on the bench near the entrance. Interview them, suddenly someone noticed the cat.
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The youngest members of the family should be trusted less responsible work. In any case do not let children to look the animal in basements and attics!
If you have a computer, let the child will scan photos of your pet and print flyers with ads. If no computer, call friends who can help with this problem.
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If that doesn't work, make an announcement through the Internet or the local newspaper. Usually on the Internet there are many sites where information is regularly updated. Perhaps Your animal is found and adopted, giving ad. The most famous site of the missing cat, and cats -
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