You will need
    • Meat (beef
    • pork
    • bird or fish fillet) – 300 g
    • Onion – 1 bulb.
    • Carrots – 1 piece.
    • Salt – pinch.
    • Bay leaf – 1 piece.
    • Pepper – to taste.
Wash the meat, cut it into cubes
Pour water into the pan, throw the meat, put the pan on the stove over high heat.
When the water boils, reduce heat to medium and remove foam.
Wash and peel the carrots, peel the onion and send them to the same place in the bowl with the meat stew.
Simmer the contents of the pan depending on the type of meat – from forty minutes to one and a half hours. Beef and a half hours, pork – an hour and a half chicken hours fish – 40 minutes.
Periodically remove the formed during boiling foam.
15 minutes before readiness put in a pan Bay leaf and pepper. Salt.
The resulting soup is ready serve as a separate dish.
If you wish, season it with herbs, garnish with a half-boiled egg, add croutons – all this can be done together or separately (and, thus, you have a few different soups).
Or pour the broth in an airtight, with the possibility of creating a vacuum container and refrigerate. This simple soup can be stored for a few days, based on it is then easily to do more complex delicious soupwith variety of ingredients.