If you want to, when leaving home in the morning, the birthday boy immediately felt joy and happiness, glue the stairwell posters (landscape or just leaves) with words of recognition, how much you love him and what a reminder of some events and incidents of "do you remember?", are you especially close. On the door from the house, on the doors of the Elevator, on the stairs. Bright colorful leaves attract the attention of the celebrant and he, be sure, forget about all the cases just to read them all, to feel close to you and smile a pleasant surprise.
Congratulating the birthday boy on the radio, do not use trivial words "You're so beautiful and smart" and wishes of "Happiness, love, wealth." Better to sincerely thank you for any occasion that you learned something, that you birthday once had for support. It would be nice if for the air time provided for greetings and greetings to call and say their words could a few friends.
During the solemn feast also forget boring toast. After all, the day of birth – a children's holiday. And who prevents you to give the birthday boy a moment from childhood, show imagination and acting skills? For example, you can dress up Winnie the Pooh and Piglet under the altered words of the song "Good lives in the world of Winnie-the-Pooh" to present a pot on which is written large: MED. And characteristic of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet manner of communication to Express wishes. And hill money for a sweet life.
Or dress up pirates and bring a huge chest of predictions – a large decorated box. Opening it, the air must rise balloons, inside which notes wishes that the birthday boy should read. And of course, since it's a pirate's treasure chest, the bottom should lie big, happy coin (homemade) into which you can put both money and, for example, the certificate in a beauty salon or a paintball club.