Celandine is used in a wide variety of diseases, but it should be noted that the juice of the plant are poisonous, so using preparations of celandineand, always follow the recommended dosage. If you have warts, apply the juice of a celandineand to complete disappearance.
When acne lubricate the face with juice of celandineand wash after 15-20 minutes. Or try lotions from infusions of water (1 tablespoon of herbs boiled in a glass of water).
Well helps the infusion of sunburns. Lubricate the affected skin juice of celandineand allow to soak and brush again. Repeat this procedure several times. The same method can be used with frostbite.
If you notice the first signs of herpes, lubricate the skin ointment of celandine. The ointment is easy to prepare. To do this, take the juice and mix with vaseline or baby cream in a ratio of 1:4.
Infusion of celandineand prepared at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 200 grams of water is a wonderful remedy for dandruff. Just RUB the infusion into the scalp.
Stomach problems helps kvass of celandine. For its preparation mix 3 litres of milk whey, 1 Cup sugar and a teaspoon of sour cream. 1 Cup herb celandineand wrap in cheesecloth and place it into the solution. Kvass will be ready in 2 weeks. Daily cast part of the brew and add water with sugar. After one day, the brew would be ready. Take brew half a Cup half an hour before meals.
If you have sinus trouble, nasal mucosa lubricate oil celandineOhm. To prepare the butter, chopped dry grass pour in glass container with oil, it is better peach or apricot, for about 30 minutes, place in heat and then steep in a cool dark place for a week. Then strain, add clean oil in the ratio of 1:1 and keep it in a container made of dark glass.
Celandine is a proven remedy for toothache. Apply to the cheek of broth celandineand.
A number of herbalists propose to apply different drugs celandineand cancer. In such a difficult situation, a more reasonable method of treatment is to turn to traditional medicine. Celandine is best used in an adjuvant.