You will need
  • Phone with Bluetooth and Java
  • External GPS receiver with Bluetooth
Get an external GPS receiver with Bluetooth interface. Its price is about 2000 rubles.
The receiver has its own battery. It will have to charge before using the battery charger supplied with the receiver.
Download phone navigation software Google Maps, Yandex.Card or Карты@Mail.Ru. If you have subscribed to unlimited Internet access from your phone, to give preference to any of them, or even put all three. If unlimited Internet access from your phone you no, but your carrier provides free traffic for the program Yandex.Cards put a special version of the program from the website of the operator. Note that a small portion of the traffic may still be charged because the phone sending DNS queries.
Put the receiver in pairing mode with your phone according to the instructions attached to it.
Start the navigation program. In the menu, select the detection mode of the GPS receiver. Will appear around the list of discovered Bluetooth devices. Choose among your receiver. If required, enter the pairing code listed in the instructions.
Leave the phone and receiver into the open. Make sure the definition of your location is working.
Master the use of all functions of the navigation software before you can use it for its intended purpose. Learn how, in particular, find street by name, set the start and end points of the route, a route taking into account traffic jams.In the future, use the phone GPS as well as a normal GPSNavigatorohms, but remember that failures of base stations of cellular communication it will cease to load the card.
In the future, don't forget to charge not only phone but also GPS receiver. Remember that the charge level of their batteries are completely unrelated.