The event in honor of the birth of the company a lot of painstaking work. Start to develop the idea and concept of the celebration about two months before the day of the celebration. Decide on the form of festive events: banquets, presentation, picnic, conference, reception.
The shape of the event selected. You need to choose the venue of the day of birth. For a feast fit café, a restaurant, a specialized hall or canteen of the company. For the presentation choose a conference room or meeting room. If you invite large number of guests, for conferences and presentations suitable room of the cinema. Picnic perfect countryside base or a large clearing in the woods or in the pond.
The venue of the day of birth of the company, the date and time specified. It's time to send invitations according to the guest list. Invitations can be traditional on paper. You can show imagination and prepare invitations according to the chosen concept activities or areas of work of the company. For example, on the day of birth of the Bank to prompt good Bank. Glass jar, on the label which is printed the text of the prompt. The banks and within a little souvenir for the guest: jubilee coin, a ticket to an event or a chocolate souvenir.
It's time to write the scenario of the event. Along the way, enjoy a selection of artists who will serve you at the bottom of birth. You can engage a specialized Agency or the host of the event. Here are some ideas for celebrating the day of birth of the company.
Option 1 – "Expensive transfer". One of the first radio station, "Radio Mayak", there is a wonderful program – "Expensive transfer". From all over the country in the address of the transmission receives letters with a request to congratulate someone with a celebration. The programme will be devoted to the day of birth of your company. During the evening you contests, reflecting the stages of formation of the company. The concert is a gift "Dear transfer" former and current employees of the company and invited guests.
Option 2 – "Journey in history". The celebration of the birth of the company takes place on the ship. The journey will be unusual, in the history of the company. Ahead of all enjoy the island of "Honor" and the island "Achievements", the island of Dreams and island of "Talents". If you are not afraid network stranded, cast off.
The sound and music is very important. A lot of congratulatory speeches, it is necessary that all could hear the good words about the company and its employees.
Day of birth is celebrated only once a year. Below the highlights of the festival remained in memory for a long time, take care of professional photo and video.
The holiday became bright, consider decorating the venue. Fabric, flowers (artificial or real), ribbon, balloons, various shapes and designs will help to create a festive decoration.