You will need
  • cream 33% fat
  • - melted chocolate
  • - a Cup of coffee
  • - skewer for drawing
  • - cocoa powder
  • stencil
Draw on the coffee you will not colors, and the products not only hurt the drink, but even improve the taste. Whip the cream to a state of soft foam. If you overdid it, and the foam looks really cool, dilute it with liquid cream. Some of them can be diluted with liquid chocolate.
How to make <b>figure</b> <strong>coffee</strong>
The easiest way to create drawings on the coffee with cocoa, just sprinkle them and the surface of white foam through the stencil. This method of decoration is most suitable for coffee mocha, at the same time giving it a light chocolate note.
How to make <b>figure</b> <strong>coffee</strong>
The following figure will require you have a steady hand and a certain share of imagination. Just grab a pastry syringe with a nozzle having a very fine hole. Fill a syringe with melted chocolate and draw what your heart desires. You can just go with chocolate zigzag foam, and you can try to create a real masterpiece.
How to make <b>figure</b> <strong>coffee</strong>
But most often, coffee cream paint certain patterns. They also need to get hand, but the study will not take long, it's not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Touch up the whipped cream with chocolate, release a small portion in the center of the white foam. Pick up a skewer and let your imagination run wild. If you just do one stroke through the entire surface of the foam, you will receive a delicate heart. And you can make 4 perpendicular to the bar from the edge of the Cup to the center and ready flowered clover.
How to make <b>figure</b> <strong>coffee</strong>