This distance is quite large, to overcome it immediately can not every. Before you run 3 miles, you need to practice. Start the morning with a small charge and run. For a start will be enough to run 1 km a day. It would take too much time to overcome this distance can be for 5-7 minutes. If you have a bike, it is will help you to prepare for the race. Drive daily several kilometers, and it will help you to pump up and prepare the legs.
The main thing in running is, of course, breathing. To breathe during a cross through the nose and exhale - through the mouth. It is recommended to breathe every 2 to 3 cross-country move, and then exhale for the same number of steps. The mouth should be slightly open even in the breath. Before the start of practice breathing, do some deep breaths for 30-60 seconds. Before you can start to chew on mint gum - it will help to ease breathing.
Before the race you need to be in good physical shape. Be sure to catch up on sleep! You should have enough power, so in the morning must eat Breakfast. Breakfast should be easy enough, but high in calories. Best Breakfast of porridge, boiled in milk. You need to eat no later than an hour before the race, or to run 3 miles will be hard. Not stabbed in the side while running, you can drink some sweet water.
Before run need a little warm-up. Jump up and down, poprisedayte, pull the muscles of the legs and hands. Warm-up should not be too hard and intense, otherwise you will get tired. But not to stretch otherwise you risk damaging the muscles.
If it's hot outside be sure to wear something on your head. To run under direct sunlight is very difficult - you can get sunstroke. A lot of people very helps music. Modern players are small in size, easy to take along on a jog. Put that music that you always want to dance and run. As for shoes, it is best to run in sneakers, not the sneakers. Running shoes outsole better follows the curve of the foot, so the muscles bear less load.