Seasonal sales do not go past car dealerships. In the period from December to January of the current cars, and then last year sold at significant discounts. Such actions carried out by official dealers of certain brands of cars. Discounts during this period can reach up to 100 thousand rubles. And there's no downside here. The fact that at the end of the year, dealers need to sell the whole Park is unrealized for the year of the car. After all, in the new year they will be replaced by a machine with the new year. For this reason, many motorists put off buying to buy more "fresh" machine. If the release year is not you in the first place in the list of priorities when buying, wait for the seasonal decline in prices.
Discounts and promotions may be conducted to the anniversary and important dates of the automaker. During this period, the cars of a particular model may be sold at special prices or to buy can be gifts. Gifts can be a set of tires, and a security system, and floor mats. The value of the gift is measured by the ultimate value of the car. The more expensive package you choose, the more valuable gift is waiting for you.
Promotions to attract customers can spread to additional work. For example, in a certain period and set a bargain price on an hourly rate works. At a discounted price can be maintained, for example, cars older than three years. Can be discounts for installing a certain model of alarm system or other additional equipment. Often these actions are conducted as advertising a new product, service or promotion of the salon.
Most official dealers and major dealerships when you first purchase a car, it gives its customers a discount card for a discount on the subsequent purchase. When the purchase card is changed to another, more discount. This card in most cases you can pass to another person. So with the help of friends and relatives, you can reach gold or platinum cards with the highest discount rate.