The normal number of leukocytes in the urine sample is not more than 6 in the field of view. And that such indicators may only be made for women and children. The reference value for men is only 0-3 leukocyte. It often happens that the results of the analysis inaccurate because of improper collection of the sample or from the laboratory, so at the slightest deviation from the norm, you should retake the urine.If pyuria is confirmed in the reanalysis, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination and undergo ultrasound examination of the kidneys and the urinebladder model.
If it is confirmed that the cause leukocyturia is an infection of the upper or lower divisions of the urinaryexcretory tract, it will be necessary to begin treatment of the disease. The number of leukocytes in the urine will be back to normal as soon as the inflammatory process will be neutralized. Treatment of infection is taking antibiotics and drinking plenty of fluids helps "wash" the urinededucing ways. It is also recommended a special diet, which consists in the exception of sharp and salty dishes, as well as smoked meat, spices and preservatives. With an integrated approach to disease, eliminate leukocyturia possible for 7-10 days.
If it turns out that the cause leukocyturia is tuberculosis of the kidneys or the urineof the new bubble will require specific treatment for tuberculosis. In mild cases of the disease is drug therapy, but in more serious operative interference. Treatment of tuberculosis of the kidneys and the urinebladder model usually takes a long time, but with the right approach - the prognosis is favorable, therefore, to get rid of white blood cells in the urine when the diagnosis possible.
If there is leukocyturia urinarystone disease need drug therapy that will help flush the kidney stones. In severe cases, surgery is indicated or crushing of stones with ultrasound. Following a special diet and doctor's recommendations to avoid recurrence of the disease, therefore, leukocyturia will be forgotten.