You will need
  • computer, Internet access, telephone, open a Bank account.
Sign up on one of the popular forums for your city, find a group that is close in name to joint purchases. You should carefully consider the available range of procurement and think about what is missing that I would like to buy for their own use. It can be unusual soft toys, natural cosmetics, natural perfumes, clothing, European brands and so on.
Find supplier. Having defined the product, you must find a suitable supplier. It's easy - just drive into a search engine, for example, "Arabic perfumes" and see the list. By choosing the site, you must communicate with the vendor to catalogs, price lists, minimum order and find out the possibility of working with individuals. For greater certainty, you can compare offers from other suppliers.
Create a topic in the selected forum. It is important to give the offer a presentable graphical and grammatical form, upload photos of products, select the minimum amount of purchases to indicate the percentage of olsborg, payment terms, date, Stop - when the order should be typed. Creating tables with the range of products, photos, cost, size (if clothing) and updated, if necessary, will create favorable conditions for the selection of the right product forum visitors.
Enter the minimum order amount. Each participant purchases need to send in a personal message the entire order and its cost for subsequent confirmation. Be sure a date is set and payment method of the order, for example, to a Bank card.
Send to the supplier all information regarding the order. Only after confirmation of the order by the supplier and the invoice can be paid it in due course. Specifying the method and amount of delivery from the supplier, be sure to inform participants that after receiving the invoice to split the shipping cost on all.
Take the goods to the transport company. Need to wait for the call from representatives of the courier service, figure out the size of the load, and the amount and approximate date of delivery. In the office of a transportation company is required to pay shipping and get the goods.
Pass the order to all procurement participants. At home sort the whole order in bags, inform about the availability of products to the participants and discuss the date and place of the meeting for distribution to the ordering.