You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - foreign production;
  • menu;
  • products;
  • - the staff;
  • transport.
Write a business plan. Part of the entrepreneurs ignore this step, relying on "maybe", this is not recommended. Trying to run a project-level "how it goes" doomed to useless investments First, the business plan helps to answer the questions, which subsequently will help in promoting and finding customers. Secondly, force us to reconsider the financial model, if it turns out that you have too high costs and a project like this unprofitable. Thirdly, the business plan for the first time, replaces the company's budget.
Rent a room. Better if it is not a cafe or restaurant, which, as a rule, a fairly high cost per square meter, and, for example, dining at any company. Also, do not rent a room, not previously associated with the production of food. The reason – serious investment in its refurbishment. As for the area, it depends on what you intend to offer. For the production of a kitchen full cycle (production of meals from raw foods) should be about 50-70 sq. m. If your business will specialize in the cooking of the semifinished high degree of readiness – the area can be reduced by half. Don't forget the placement of all necessary washers, etc.
Get the permission of the Supervisory authorities. Start looking for staff. Start with the technologist, which in your case would replace the chef. Remember that food is delivered to your home or office, should be appropriate for this. Accordingly, listen to the expert. If you, for example, will want to enter in the menu a dish, and the technologist will tell you that it is not designed to deliver, not zealous, you see. Menu should not be large, but it must be specialties. By these are meant the position, which is the brand for you. Say, offer a 10-15 pizzas and Italian dishes or sushi rolls and vegetable salads that are appropriate to eat with chopsticks, etc.
Be mindful of the technology that make a technological card. If you follow the letter of the law, you are required to register, because you carry out your activities is not subject to the realization of the dishes in the place of production. The reality leaves the marks: half of the companies engaged in the delivery of foodat your own risk and the requirement of registration TTK down.