You will need
  • - Raccoon.
Certain names and nicknames raccoons have there - call them as you see fit. The name can occur out of nowhere, simultaneously, when your pet will make a memorable act. You can come up with something consonant with their main features - rinsing everything that was in his paws. The female in this case, name: Polly, Neat, the Hostess, Dosya. The male let the nickname: Mr. clean, Tide, shortly.
как называют животных
Like any animal, a raccoon partial to food in its various manifestations - with the same pleasure he can eat cake to pull you out from under your nose, and cleaning the sausage is not fresh, extracted from the bins. For such gastronomic cravings of the beast if you give one of these nicknames: Gourmet, Food, Candy, Sausage, tum, Bun, Roll, Pepper, Sugar, cone, jellybean, Raisins. In General, all harmonious names of products can be safely used as the name of the raccoon.
как назвать домашнее животное
Raccoons - even those bullies, and Skoda, so to call them you could: son of a Gun (Proho), Gangster, Wrapper, Mischievous, Naughty, a Flirt, Toady, Wheedle. About the features of raccoons to scour the bins should not be forgotten even for a second, just to turn away, you will see a lot of garbage scattered around and busily sorting through her animal. During this call raccoon: Inspector, Custom house, the Breadwinner, the hoarder.
Какие есть полосатые животные
Other animals in the house, raccoons are quite aggressive, so do not rush to have another beast, not checking the first character. Zatirka, Aggressor, Fierce, and Alf alpha. and Beech, Vlasta, Free, Grizzly bear, Bugs, Zorro, Kuska, Rats, Rambo, Sherkhan - here are the names for your mean.
как содержать енота в квартире
If you have just a little little Coon, you call it like all the touching and funny kids, and then you can give him a different nickname when he will reveal himself and his nature in all its glory. In the meantime, let the baby raccoon will be: Baby, Friendly, Fun, Pussy, Baby, bead, Freckles, razor, Toffee crumbles, Murzilka, Pisklya.
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