If the person really likes his mobile phone, he is not going to buy a new one and take the old machine to the workshop for repair. This is quite a profitable business because it requires huge financial investment. Moreover, if you have the desire to repair cell phones, you can do without special certificates or install a cash register.
When you decide to open a cell phone repair, the first step is to register yourself as an individual entrepreneur. After that, find an office, necessary equipment, spare parts and master. It would be great if you can fix the mobile phone, because do not have to pay salaries to employees.
As for the room, the Russian legislation allows to create special points of reception of mobile phones and working at home. There are no limitations because the equipment is so small that does not occupy much space. However, there is also a small, but not necessarily condition – wherever you are provided repair service on the stand must hang the following information:
- mode of operation;
- cost of services (price);
- user area;
- rules of consumer services of the population.
In the absence of such documentation, you may be charged, followed by the payment of the penalty.
In order to provide repair services for cell phones, buy the necessary equipment. Sample list: soldering station with a Hairdryer, power supply, ultrasonic bath, UFS to replace the software, cable set, set of tools for opening mobile phones, which includes various screwdrivers and tweezers.
The approximate cost of the young repairman" is 10 thousand rubles.