You will need
  • men's shirt, thread tonal sewing machine, lace or eyelet trim.
First alteration - shirt for the baby. Take an old men's shirt (natural cotton), wash it, cut off the worn collar and cuffs. As a pattern, use an old shirt of the baby. Make allowances for growth. Basically, these allowances should be left to the length of sleeves and length of shirt. But the collar and cuffs take a new, contrasting color. All the parts sew. Sew the collar, cuffs and buttons. Shirt for the baby ready.
Now sew skirt for yourself or daughter. Cut off the sleeves. From the bottom of the shirt, measure desired length of skirt and cut off the gate. From the gate (if, of course, in good condition and not wiped out) cut rectangular strips in 6cm, sew these strips to make one long piece. Thus, you get the belt. Preberite basic detail at the top hem and sew the waistband. The skirt can be decorated in a flirtatious bow, sew it on the belt. And as belt use and the sleeves, sewing them together and tying a beautiful knot at the waist.
Another remake of men's shirts - beach robe. For such a gown fit shirt , made of fabric with bright tropical patterns or plaid. In addition you panasonida 4 meters openwork cotton sewing button for clothing (better if they are with decorative trim, for example, "pearl"), you will also need a special device to attach the button. Fight back from the shirt collar and cuffs. Sew sewing on the top and bottom of the rack. In order to finish turned graceful, you should rip the seams on the top and bottom edge of the rack. Then place the slices between the edge stitching and sew them. Decorate the seams at armhole and lower edge of sleeves. The sleeve drape, paving at a distance of 8 cm from the head of the sleeve, 3-4 rows of loose stitches of elastic thread. Lay on the back of shirt to waist pleats to a depth of 1.5 cm, and you have a gown fitted silhouette. We have to attach a button, and a new robe ready.