You will need
  • Game Booster
  • the administrator account
The easiest way to optimize your computer for improved performance during games is to install the appropriate operating system. There is a build of Windows XP, which is designed exclusively for running games. Of course, every time you install a new OS in order to play a few hours into the game with high system requirements – enjoy unpleasant. Therefore, it is recommended to install Windows XP Game Edition as a second operating system.
If the opportunity or desire to install a second OS missing you can try to adjust the existing system for games. Start by increasing the speed of data processing from the hard disk. To do this, open the "My computer", select the hard disk partition on which you installed a certain game and open its properties. Disable the "Allow to index the contents of files on this disk". This method will allow you to achieve a ten percent increase in processing speed.
Turn off all third-party programs and services. Very often running multiple apps slows down your work computer. If you do not require access to the Internet for gameplay, turn off the Internet connection. Be sure to close programs like Skype and uTorrent.
Download a program called Game Booster. It is designed specifically to optimize laptop or computer for the game play. This program will automatically disable all unused services and change settings of the operating system that will significantly reduce the load on the CPU and RAM.
Install the program and run it. Open the Home tab and click the "Increase speed". Restart the computer after applying the selected parameters.