The main factors affecting the speed of the ping is the connection speed, utilization of existing channel network connection, and loading of the computer and the game settings. Affecting each of these parameters, you can reduce or increase the ping.
The most effective way to have a significant effect on the speed of the current connection is the change in the channel speed of the access network. This is possible in case of change of tariff plan. To reduce ping, choose the most high-speed service plans, respectively, to increase the choose the slowest network connection.
You can also decrease the rate allocated for the game, running downloads in download managers and torrent clients that you are available for maximum speed. When you use these applications not only give maximum priority to active downloads, but also remove the limit of speed, if it is exposed. Remember that the more programs use the network connection, the higher the ping.
Configure the operating system you are using, to use the maximum of visual effects. Run simultaneously with the game programs that require a large amount of system resources. In this case, the computer will be load so high, that ping will be much higher than normal.
Set the maximum settings for the video settings in your game. This action has the same effect as the previous step, creating an additional load on the computer. Accordingly, to reduce the ping, you'll need to minimize the loading of the computer, reducing to the absolute minimum video settings in the game and the number of applications running simultaneously with the game.