Birthday best friend is a special date. It is necessary to prepare in advance. Necessary to take care of buying a gift that will delight and surprise a girlfriend.

Nice gifts for best friend

To celebrate a birthday, you will gather in a cafe or club, pre-dressed in a beautiful dress and wearing heels. In order to image a complete need stunning hair and stunning makeup. So that nothing gets out of control, give a friend a certificate to a beauty salon. Let her massage and relaxing bath, and then nicely put makeup on and comb your hair. Such a gift will bring her a lot of fun, and if you want to share it with her, then go together.

Beautiful lingerie can make you feel a real woman. Therefore, it would be a great option to gift your best friend. Who else but you knows about her size and figure type. Choose a lingerie that will emphasize the dignity of the body and hide flaws, if any. You can present fishnet stockings, which are now at the peak of popularity.

If your best friend is partial to jewelry, boldly gave this product to her for her birthday. It is not necessary to buy expensive gold jewelry with diamonds. It is possible to do a refined silver bracelet or chain with a pendant. You can choose original jewelry, which will perfectly fit the color of the eyes of his beloved girlfriend or her evening attire.

Fashion gifts for best friend

In style accessories, such as umbrellas, gloves, belts and headbands. They have the amazing ability to change the image of women. Giving just one fashion hit of the season, you will be able not only to please and surprise his girlfriend, but is unrecognizable its image. For example, it is possible to present evening bag, made in the form of a ball or a wide belt made of leather. Don't be afraid to give things, let your friend will be on the top of fashion.

Cell phone the latest model can also be a great gift. With him your best friend is about to leave, but if you write on it with rhinestones her name, then you can be sure it will come from such a gift in delight.

If the money to buy a present there, do something with his hands (photo album, a bracelet made of beads, postcard and so on). Any thing made with love, will be enthusiastically welcomed by your best friend.