You will need
  • Problems in mathematics, physics;
  • textbooks;
  • puzzle;
  • logic puzzles and the like.
In order to master deductive method, read as many books as possible. It is important not even what to read and how to do it. Do not rush, try to think about the content of the work, pay attention to details, memorizing them.
When you learn slowly, thoughtfully read, can proceed to the next stage of training. Compare a literary work with others, like him, looking for similarities and differences. Remember what era it belongs to, try to find in it a reflection of the reality of the time. The more you meditate, the more chances you have to develop deduction.
Write down everything that happened with you during the day in the diary. Try to evaluate your actions, answering the questions: "Why did I do that?", "What resulted in this situation?" "What are the solutions to the problem?". Sequence of events and recall details requires intensive brain work, and this is exactly what is needed for the development of mental abilities.
No matter how strange it seemed to this statement, but to develop the deduction you can use divination on the runes or Tarot cards. Because the fortune teller does nothing more than interpretation of symbols, trying to find the relationship between them and to explain the meaning of the situation as a whole. The process of such prediction often takes place with the use of the deductive method.
Solve logic problems and puzzles. Don't jump immediately on the most difficult of them. You are unlikely to find the answer yourself and take advantage of someone's care and this is, as I understand, for your mind will not bring benefits. Start with simple tasks and gradually move to more complex. Incidentally, this will help you learn how to assess their abilities and with respect to discipline.
Tired to solve the puzzle – invent them. So you not only train your brain but also will help other lovers of logic exercises - and it is worthy of praise!